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  • first turkey season ever in ny state from land and camps

    Opening Day of Turkey Season - A Reflection

    This morning a young turkey hunter showed up at my door at 5:30 AM to ask permission to hunt and hear a few tips for from "an old grey beard" in his flannels. Instantly, memories came racing back of mornings just like today, sun rising, fog, and a shiver as you watch your breath rise thru the trees. Then the unique cackle of a far-off gobbler headed your way, and your nervousness hoping to sound perfect, imitating an attractive hen. The look on this young man's face, the gleam in his eye, his

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  • father and son with winter blues in ny state

    Winter Blues from Guest Blogger, Chad Walker

    The winter months can drag on between fall hunting seasons and the spring thaw that leads into trout season, and finally turkey and walleye season in May. In central New York, that means cold and snow. It can feel like the winter is eternal. A fortunate few are able to pass the time hunting rabbits with beagles, or even predator hunting. The opportunities in New York are what make it great. If you choose to, you can literally hunt almost year round. We’re lucky that way here in New York. We li

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  • remember your passion of hiking in ny state

    Rekindle Your Passion

    Over the last few weeks I've been walking lots of new properties with staff and it’s been amazing! Seems like these days I don't have time to do the things I love the most - time to refuel, time to renew my zest and passion for work, my hobbies and interests. Walking land at Christmas and Associates is one of the things I love most – a true adventure every time. Over the past two weeks we toured new land in Redfield that is some of our best ever! While there, we watched an eagle fly overhead,

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  • beautiful woods in ny state to ask the question what is a true land company

    What Is a True Land Company?

    Christmas and Associates has been a true "Land Company" for over 24 years now. That means we own the land we sell. Unlike our company, there are also several good "land brokers" out there and they provide a listing service - selling land for others for a fee. The differences between the two are many and it's critical that you know......a "land broker" has no vested interest or thorough knowledge of the land, its history, its neighborhood or even its boundaries. Many land brokers tend to be mo

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  • end of hunting season and man walking through hunters field in ny state

    End of Hunting Season

    It's the last light goes dim and the camps turn an eerie cold, the smell of frying bacon at camp has faded away along with the faint laughter and stories told. It's the quietest, coldest, loneliest night of the year in the north woods. The boot tracks along the trail to and from camp fill with snow from winter winds as the deep, dark forest returns to its keepers. As one sits in front of a warm home fire miles away, reflecting on past years, past hunts and long-gone camp character

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  • Campfire family tradition to end summer in ny state from land and camps


    Every family seems to have some sort of tradition that they carry on annually. One of my favorite memories is from deer camp when I was a kid. My grandparents used to move into our family camp just before opening weekend. They would only leave for appointments, and an occasional trip to town. Otherwise, camp was home until the last day of season. The whole family hunted together (we still do!) throughout the season, and on the last day, we would knock off a few hours early to start the moving

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  • A camping history of camping in ny state land and camps

    A Family History Started "At Camp"

    Three years ago this week my mother passed away. She was born Edna May Rose Plumley in 1923. The Plumley family were the first settlers in Long Lake, New York back in the mid 1800s. After a serious boundary dispute in Shrewsbury, Vermont (seems to run in the family), my great-great grandfather, Joel Plumley, relocated his family to Long Lake - including two sons, Jeremiah and John Plumley. The Plumleys arrived at the north end of Long Lake and it was there that they built their first cabin. L

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  • Person doing project x with the campfire in ny state land and camps

    Guest Blog - Project X

    Summer is here, and it’s project time!! Forget the house, the yard, and the landscaping…it’s time to make sure the duck blind, camp, and food plots are ready to go! It’s a great time to sneak away and work on some of those fun projects.Do you hear that…?? That’s your deer camp calling out your name. It misses you! I hate to spend my precious time during season on a project that could’ve been done during the summer. Get it done now, so you can focus your late summer/early fall on scouting. A fe

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  • barn burn ban sign 2012 ny state land and camps

    Outdoor Burn Ban for Summer 2012

    Cuomo Issues Outdoor Burn BanCiting potential for wildfires, governor says no residential brush fires until Oct. 10 ALBANY — Citing the dry weather, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday placed an immediate ban on outdoor residential brush burning through Oct. 10. Emergency personnel are also a heightened state of alert for potential wildfires. "These conditions should not be taken lightly," Cuomo said in issuing the burn ban. "The potential for disastrous wildfires is present in all areas of the sta

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  • when its hot outside deer swim in the lake in ny state

    Ever Wonder What Deer Do When It's Hot Outside?

    A week ago, I was driving my boat down Long Lake, on my way to my new cabin site where I am building a small log cabin at the far end of the lake, near the base of Kempshall Mountain. I happened to glance to my right and this is what I saw! This was a young deer and he was pretty far from shore - probably driven into the lake for a swim by a bothersome coyote or by the nasty sting of deer flies. It would have been nice to give him a ride to shore but as soon as he saw me he changed direction!

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  • turkeys have hatched in woods in ny state

    The turkeys have hatched

    As we mentioned last week, Ed Pernisi, one of our land acquisition specialists, and his wife Deb have been watching a turkey nest located on land we own in Williamstown, New York. The Pernisi's again visited the nest last week and they got lucky! As they approached the nest, they saw the hatchlings (known as poults) in the process of picking their way out of the shells. Ed and Deb brought along their grandson, Ethan, as he has been vigilant about watching the nest with them for the past three

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  • turkey nest is a rare find in ny state

    Rare Find - A Turkey Nest

    Ed Pernisi, one of our land acquisition specialists, found this nest of turkey eggs a few weeks ago and has been visiting the nest weekly to check on the eggs' progress. Ed counted 20 eggs! Turkeys breed in March and April. Wild turkey nests are made in the ground. A shallow depression is lined with leaves and covered up with vines and other plants. Ten to fifteen eggs are typically laid. Eggs are light brown, with black and dark brown spots. The female sits on her eggs for a month are more, m

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  • moose is on the loose in ny state

    A Moose is on the Loose

    Today I was traveling north to work on my new log cabin in Long Lake, NY and I saw my first Adirondack moose! It was a cow and as soon as she saw me she took off galloping up the road, which I assure you is a sight to behold. I drove slowly up the road and caught one more glimpse of her standing in the woods watching me. Unfortunately she was too quick for me so I didn't get a photo to share with you. Instead I am posting this photo to remind everybody to slow down while driving these winding

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  • fiddleheads sign of spring in ny state land and camps

    Fiddleheads - A Sure Sign of Spring

    These are fiddleheads and are found in our upstate New York woodlands. Fiddleheads are actually the furled fronds of a young fern and are harvested for use as a vegetable. Left on the plant, each fiddlehead would unroll into a new fern frond. As fiddleheads are harvested early in the season before the frond has opened and reached its full height, they are cut fairly close to the ground. According to Wikipedia, fiddleheads have antioxidant activity, are a source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, and are

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  • how to build a new camp in ny state

    The Excitement of Building a New Camp

    This spring I am planning and preparing for a new cabin to be built in the Adirondacks woods in New York. This particular project is difficult. The cabin has been built using full scribe and peeled hemlock logs harvested from the Tug Hill plateau, where I live. The camp was assembled close to home and it will be taken apart and then shipped to Long Lake – 2½ miles north. There the logs will be loaded onto a barge and floated seven miles to the north end of Long Lake, similar to how camps were

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  • North country land for sale blog entry showing mud ny state

    It's Mud Season

    Spring is in the air and and we are beginning to experience what is known in the North Country as "Mud Season." Mud Season is when the frost comes out of the ground coupled with melting snow. Combined with spring rains, this creates soft, sloppy road conditions on gravel roads - usually lasting through the end of April. If you are out to camp in the next few weeks or if you are out looking at land, we suggest you avoid driving on any gravel road or right-of-way during Mud Season. (It's a great

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  • river ridge afternoon view ny state

    Afternoon at River Ridge

    Yesterday I sat in silence along Fish Creek on a property called River Ridge. Fish Creek is actually a big, slow-moving river. It’s my favorite place to canoe in upstate New York. You see otters, beavers and muskrats along the shoreline in the evenings. It’s also great fishing and I saw one of the biggest bucks of my life feeding along that same river two years ago. The river has a way of calming you down. It removes all the stress and worries of your day. It can be both mesmerizing and energi

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  • eagles in the neighborhood ny state

    Eagles in the Neighborhood

    With the extreme lack of snow this winter and the springlike conditions, I have seen several bald eagles on my farm and in the lands around Camden. The influx of eagles usually occurs in the spring as they look for carrion resulting from winter starvation to feed on. The eagles pass through Central New York on their route to summer ranges north of here. It's a really cool thing to see!~ Dan Christmas

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  • hunters fall mountain view to start the season ny state

    Hunters! Its finally here

    The leaves are turning, temps are cooling and the smell of a wood burning stove is in the air! Bow season for deer and the bow or gun fall turkey season is open in our Northern Tier! We have a great selection of small, medium and large hunting parcels available in the Northern Tier right now starting at $12,995. Also don't forget we rent 2 complete hunting camps by the week. One is a turnkey cabin sitting on a bass filled pond on 143 quality Whitetail managed acres and the other is 75 acres w

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  • hunting land in demand ny state land and camps

    Hunting Land in Demand

    Every year after July comes and goes, New York state hunting land is suddenly in demand. Plan ahead this year and get a shot at the very best selection. Call one of our land sales experts - we walk these hunting tracts regularly so we can let you know right away when we find something that meets your needs. Call anytime! 1-800-229-7843 ~ Pete

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