Rekindle Your Passion

hikers boots to symbolize rekindle your passion in ny state from land and camps

Over the last few weeks I've been walking lots of new properties with staff and it’s been amazing! Seems like these days I don't have time to do the things I love the most - time to refuel, time to renew my zest and passion for work, my hobbies and interests.

Walking land at Christmas and Associates is one of the things I love most – a true adventure every time. Over the past two weeks we toured new land in Redfield that is some of our best ever! While there, we watched an eagle fly overhead, found an animal’s "den tree" and watched a deer in her bed casually get up and trot off, all in a few short hours. Who doesn't have time for that?

Also we walked and skied on beautifully wooded new properties with their own groomed ski trails. These trails run through what locals refer to as "the Deer Sanctuary" - an amazing place to see wildlife and wintering deer. The opportunities for adults and children alike to witness and share these sightings are so important to quality of life.

These last few days walking land I've noticed two other things that frankly I am often too busy to witness.....a fresh powder snow that is the cleanest whitest white snow I've ever seen - like beautiful fresh, clean, sheets on the line. Also I've seen beautiful, vibrant blue skies that were without a cloud. I've only noticed such beautiful skies high in the mountains before now.
Yesterday, although wet and cold, I snowmobiled with my oldest son through amazing Adirondack wilderness enjoying really cool wilderness sightings and bonding time with my son. I was a day I will always remember.

In a few minutes I'm meeting our “land guys" to hike through yet another new property we will have on sale this week in a close-by, favorite spot. I know that with today's weather, beautiful skies and good friends it will again be special.

I realize I have been too busy, which throws me out of balance and I lose that passion that makes me work hard and love what we do. I think that's a lot of what's going on in all of us today. Too much news, (mostly bad) too much stress, too little rest and not enough time with nature.

As a friend of Christmas and Associates, I encourage you to carve out some time soon for reading a good book, gazing at the stars or listening to your favorite music. Shut off the TV and go outside, walk some land, go to camp, or just smell the North Country air - there's nothing like it!

At Christmas and Associates, we know how lucky we are and we appreciate these moments, so stay positive.

An old timer once told me “nobody ever lay on their death bed wishing they had worked more."

Take time and get away - even if only for a moment. Rekindle your passion!

~ Dan Christmas