What Is a True Land Company?

Beautiful green woods in ny state what is true land company

Christmas and Associates has been a true "Land Company" for over 24 years now. That means we own the land we sell. Unlike our company, there are also several good "land brokers" out there and they provide a listing service - selling land for others for a fee.

The differences between the two are many and it's critical that you know......a "land broker" has no vested interest or thorough knowledge of the land, its history, its neighborhood or even its boundaries. Many land brokers tend to be more aggressive and sometimes even pushy and that is because their main interest is to earn a commission. They have no sentimental attachments or experience on the land. Usually they sell cabins with no understanding or details of the construction and they often lack an up-to-date survey and clear title documents. Most importantly, THEY HAVE NO DIRECT FINANCING - only a name and number for a bank, and banks don't like to finance land alone.

A TRUE LAND COMPANY is different. CHRISTMAS AND ASSOCIATES was born out of the Adirondack woods, with employees who have worked daily in the forestry and land management field. We love owning land and working in the woods and today that is still who we are. We know every tree in the forests, the animals that live there and the best places to site a camp to YOUR LIKING.

Every property is walked, analyzed and selected because we wanted to own it. We have a vested interest and we have experience in the feel of what it's like to actually want to buy it and why. We have sentimental attachment to each and every property. This is not how we make a living....it's how we live. We love every piece of land in our inventory and that's why WE OWN IT.

As Landowners we have cleared title, hired a surveyor, staked out the boundaries, cleaned up the trails, found the best sites, scouted, fished and hiked for hours on the land we sell to you.

IF THERE'S A CAMP THERE...WE BUILT IT! If there's no camp but you wish there was one...WE SITE IT WITH YOU AND WE BUILD IT FOR YOU.

And lastly, if you need financing on land or a land and camp package...WE FINANCE IT OURSELVES....WE ARE THE BANK. You will know almost immediately that you've been APPROVED and you can CLOSE right away.

WITH TRUE OWNER FINANCING YOU WON'T WAIT 30-60 days for a bank approval, you won't be hassled with unnecessary paper work and documents and you won't wait forever to close. A TRUE LAND COMPANY CAN APPROVE YOUR CREDIT AND CLOSE YOUR PURCHASE IN TWO WEEKS.....AND YOU CAN BECOME THE NEW OWNER.

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.....WE ARE THE FORMER LANDOWNER...THIS MEANS WE ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP YOU ......long after the broker commission is gone we will still be there as THE FORMER OWNER to answer questions and assist you.

And tomorrow as a LAND COMPANY we will go out and find new lands we love and we buy....we go through all the same processes again.....we don't knock on doors and cold call people looking for the next commission........AND WE ARE THE ONLY "TRUE LAND COMPANY" .....CHRISTMAS AND ASSOCIATES.