The Excitement of Building a New Camp

building a camp is exciting in ny state land and camps

This spring I am planning and preparing for a new cabin to be built in the Adirondacks woods in New York. This particular project is difficult. The cabin has been built using full scribe and peeled hemlock logs harvested from the Tug Hill plateau, where I live. The camp was assembled close to home and it will be taken apart and then shipped to Long Lake – 2½ miles north. There the logs will be loaded onto a barge and floated seven miles to the north end of Long Lake, similar to how camps were built in the old days. The logs will then be re-assembled by hand at their final resting spot at the base of Kempshall Mountain.

Despite having designed and built many camps over the years, the feelings of excitement and nervousness I get are always the same. That’s how I know so much about how folks are feeling when they buy a tract of land from us or build a new camp with our Land and Camps crew. All of us working at Christmas & Associates understand the excitement and that nervous feeling you get when you are working on something so important and meaningful. In fact we understand it better than anyone else!

We aren’t just “realtors” or “land guys” - we consider it our mission to help you with all the logistics to lessen that nervous feeling. And we love to share in your excitement! One of my very favorite things is receiving pictures from customers. I love to see photos of camps - newly finished, decorated and in use by you and your family.

I hope all of you are looking forward to this summer at camp as much as I am!

All the best –
Dan Christmas