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  • What Recession?

    I am so glad to see so many buyers coming into town right is like someone opened up the flood gates! The old saying, 'QUALITY LAND SELLS ITSELF,' is ringing true right now! I am so thankful that New York State offers such terrific opportunities for land buyers, especially the land we are showing right now in Vienna, Redfield, and other locations in upstate New York. ~ Pete Martino, Sales Executive, Christmas & Associates, Inc.

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  • Happy Trails

    Christmas & Associates, Inc., have been working very hard throughout the fall and winter, using our own lands, to make the much needed link between the Oswego County snowmobile trail system and the Oneida County system. I am excited to report that we have now secured the acreage or received the land owner's permission to make this connection. As of this weekend, there is the most beautiful, groomed trail through the woods, along ponds and streams to Westdale and the West Camden Country Store, wh

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  • IRAs & Purchases

    Proper financial planning is essential in any economical environment. We pride ourselves in our customer care and want to share good advice with you. Take a look at this information to help you do better for you and your family. At the start of a New Year, many of us set financial goals and aspire to save more. Here's a link to a great article we found about how you can invest in land with a “Self Directed Retirement Plan.”Check this information out at this website:

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