Rare Find - A Turkey Nest

a turkey nest is a rare find in ny state land and camps

Ed Pernisi, one of our land acquisition specialists, found this nest of turkey eggs a few weeks ago and has been visiting the nest weekly to check on the eggs' progress. Ed counted 20 eggs! Turkeys breed in March and April. Wild turkey nests are made in the ground. A shallow depression is lined with leaves and covered up with vines and other plants. Ten to fifteen eggs are typically laid. Eggs are light brown, with black and dark brown spots. The female sits on her eggs for a month are more, making her vulnerable to predators. Some predators that raid turkey nests include raccoons, red foxes, skunks, crows, snakes, chipmunks, and squirrels. Check our blog in the next two weeks as Ed is hoping to grab some photos of the hatchlings!