Outdoor Burn Ban for Summer 2012

barn burn ban sign in ny state summer of 2012

Cuomo Issues Outdoor Burn Ban
Citing potential for wildfires, governor says no residential brush fires until Oct. 10

ALBANY — Citing the dry weather, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday placed an immediate ban on outdoor residential brush burning through Oct. 10.

Emergency personnel are also a heightened state of alert for potential wildfires.

"These conditions should not be taken lightly," Cuomo said in issuing the burn ban. "The potential for disastrous wildfires is present in all areas of the state and we must do whatever we can to prevent fires from occurring."

The state Department of Environmental Conservation had previously issued burning permits to residents of 104 towns and the Adirondacks and Catskills. Those are now suspended.

Last year, DEC issued 3,543 burn permits. The permits are typically for people wishing to burn brush

In addition to the ban, officials are urging campers and even people cooking outdoors to be especially careful.

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By Rick Karlin
From The Albany Times Union, Published 10:51 p.m., Friday, July 13, 2012