Woods Family

The Woods Family hunting in ny state

Working in the woods with my friends and family is a connection I've enjoyed my entire life beginning with my Dad and brothers.

Even when it's tough or the weather is mean, and the task seems overwhelming, the bonds that are created and the memories shared are everlasting. Your brothers become your best friends, your best friends become your brothers, and your sons and daughters become the people you just can't live without.

I am convinced these bonds happen in the woods, on the farm and in the field. You don't find this kind of kinship in the city.

Everyone who ever spent a weekend at camp, a long hike with family or a long day clearing a woods trail knows what I mean.

Those moments that happen unplanned on a remote beach, overlooking a misty valley, or watching the otters barking at you from atop an old beaver house....well, trust me friend, you will re-live them in your mind the rest of your life and unlike many other things, they do get better with age.

Over the years I've lived a life full of experiences like these. They have brought me close together forever with family and friends through a common bond...nature.

My "woodsy wife," my children and my brothers will always will be my closest friends.

As we get older each year we share the memories of a life outdoors and we continue to make new ones each day.....in just a minute I'll leave my camp to witness today's adventure and appreciate the moment all over again.

Best wishes for a special moment in the woods to each of you today. DMC