Guidelines for a Successful Land Sale Closing

the successful land sale closing sign in ny state

Why does a land sale closing have to take so long and prove to be so difficult?

Actually, it doesn’t…

The following can help a land sale closing to occur quickly, accurately and safely for the real estate buyer:

  1. The real estate seller should provide the real estate buyer with a new, certified survey with wetlands depicted on the map.
  2. The seller should provide insurable title and offer title insurance to the purchaser.
  3. All necessary permits should be in place and transferable.
  4. All private roads and rights of way should be verified.
  5. All mineral, gas and oil rights should be included in the sale.
  6. The seller should provide an agreement, in writing, to buy back a property that will not support a well and septic system.
  7. Financing approvals for the buyer should be obtained within 48 hours.
  8. Financing should be available without a long wait for an appraisal.
  9. An attorney and/or closing agent should always schedule a closing around the buyer’s needs.
  10. The seller and/or their agent should be available to the buyer seven days per week for a convenient time to assist in the closing and to walk on the property after closing.

And most importantly - all these closing items should be delivered with a positive, polite and helpful attitude to the buyer, both before and after the closing. If you can't expect a closing within one to three weeks, something is amiss. Buyers should expect the best!