canoeing on waterfront land for sale in new york state sanctuary

Every living creature requires a sanctuary. A true sanctuary provides immediate and temporary release. To some it may be a gym, pub, church, or the inside of one’s home. A sanctuary is a safe haven where you can unwind and recharge – where you can contemplate and revel in personal achieved successes and also lick the wounds that life inflicts.

Nature provides vast opportunities for refuge and inspiration. Havens vary as much as the individuals that seek them. For some, a sanctuary is a place where one can hear the calming sound of waves washing along the shore with a cocktail in hand. Others discover their sanctuaries deep inside an unmolested forest, on the water in a boat, on the porch of a cabin with their four-legged friend at their feet, or hiking along the edge of a mountain. For those residing within a concrete jungle, a sanctuary might simply be found on a bench in a lush park in the city center or it might take hours or days to escape the constant white noise, the hustle, and the suffocating proximity to other people.

A sanctuary does not discriminate by age, race, sex or political orientation. Money is irrelevant in a sanctuary; it does not judge, ridicule, or keep score…in your sanctuary you are lord and king. It doesn’t care about your past - it makes you appreciate the present, and inspires you to remain optimistic about the future. Essentially, a sanctuary provides the therapy that no advisor, counselor, or psychologist can, and it certainly is much cheaper!

~ Zac Lois, Land Guide, Christmas & Associates

Zac can be reached at [email protected] or at 262-492-9752