Storm Windows

Rain on window after storm in ny state

I have a window in my office and I have a window in my camp; both very nice and both very different........

The window from my office looks out at where I want to be...and the window from my camp looks out at where I love to be.

Today from my office window I’m looking at a rainy downpour - complete with thunder and lightning and the darkest skies, really cool, same as at camp, yet at camp I am so excited to see the flash, feel the cool breeze, and hear the rain off the metal roof.

If you're like me (at work as I write this) then you too would love to be watching this storm from camp....

Having a getaway is having peace of mind, an escape from stress.

It's a place to reconnect with kids, with friends, with nature and most importantly with your own spirit.

That special connection is why we have "a need" to get some land.

Nobody...and I mean nobody…. understands that like I do!

So when you’re ready, I think I know what you "need" me. I promise I can find you your special "CAMP WINDOW" to watch the next storm.


Dan C.