Farewell to Our Dear Friend Jim Eatherly

farewell sunset view in ny state to jim eatherly

It is with sadness and a very heavy heart that I announce to all our friends that our co-worker, brother and dear friend Jim Eatherly and his wife Tammy where tragically killed in a motorcycle accident last Sunday afternoon. Jim was not just our coworker and good friend - Jim was a part of our family - just like all the others in our company. We all work extremely hard - we stick together, we laugh and cry together and we never let each other down.

Jim was all of that and much, much more. Jim was bit by the “land bug" 5 or 6 years ago when he and Tammy bought land and a camp from us. From that day on, they became great supporters and friends to Christmas & Associates. Last year Jim interviewed and was chosen out of 25 applicants to join Christmas & Associates as a Land Guide. As Jim learned his new career he became a part of our daily lives and a big part of creating a fun and positive atmosphere in our office. Our Monday meetings weren't complete without a "Jim story" that had us rolling on the floor with laughter and with him always laughing the loudest.

Jim loved land and that's what made him successful. He wasn't polished, he wasn't fancy, but he loved the land. He loved what he did and he especially loved his clients. He gave every single customer the benefit of the doubt and he always tried to find the good in everyone even when they could be difficult. That's what made him great at his job; he always had a grin and always lived with his glass half full, not half empty. In that way he was an inspiration.

I will never forget the first time I saw Jim's bold tattoos on each forearm.....one side read "One Life” the other said "Live It"..... And he did that well.

We all used to kid Jim about being "tight with a buck" and he was...and as always when we joked about that he'd laugh the loudest! But Jim was incredibly generous with his time and efforts for a variety of fundraisers and causes. He was especially loyal to his fellow Veterans, and not surprising to me –Jim’s last day was spent on a ride to benefit a veterans group.

Even given all he gave and his wonderful friendship, the best of Jim was reserved for his wife and kids. I have never met a more devoted and loving husband and father. He and Tammy had something so special, a bond so great - they were as close to perfect as you can get. As with Tammy, Jim loved to be with his family and he loved to brag about his kids and although I never met them, Jim made sure we all knew how awesome they were.

To his friends, his family and to us, the loss is devastating....but the life of Jim and Tammy was really, really good. Two good people - always with a smile.

I will never forget the laughter and good spirit Jim brought to Christmas & Associates......I will never forget my friend Jim and I will try harder to live by his special message...”One Life – Live It.”

Please give your prayers and well wishes to Jim's family.....he will be greatly missed.

~ Dan Christmas