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Custom Cabins - Why No Two of Our Cabins Are Ever Alike
December 9th, 2014

This is the story of how we build our land and camp packages and why we do them this way. Thirty years ago, Christmas & Associates began as strictly a land company. A few years into the business, we realized we were very good at taking a "diamond in the rough," so to speak, and turning it into a "gem."

This process involves land planning, site clearing and construction of a rustic cabin on just the right spot. When we began getting involved in building camps, our company became “LANDANDCAMPS.COM.” Almost all our customers share the dream of owning a cabin in the woods and roughly one third of them actually contract with us for land and a cabin package. When we started constructing camps we built them completely finished off, ahead of time…..the sink goes over here, the sleeping quarters there, the bathroom over there and so on. Yet this arrangement never seemed to work out to our customers’ liking. Even though we think we have very good taste (smile), our choices of wall coverings and the locations of wall plugs has never fit exactly to what our customers want after the cabin is erected.

Our years of success in the land and camp business have been based on listening first. Only then can we help you achieve your dream of the cabin you truly want – the cabin with the kitchen window in just the right spot for glimpsing deer in the morning, the porch wide enough to accommodate all the grandkids, the extra electrical plugs for the writer who uses her cabin to craft novels (true customer story!). With our years of experience, we have learned that what makes the most sense is to build the cabin shell on a location you choose that is best suited for your unique needs. With that in mind, what works the best and makes "the cabin dream" come alive comes down to five easy steps:

FIRST: We help you locate the best property choice for your cabin.

SECOND: We help you identify the cabin style best suited for your family and budget.

THIRD: We assist in staking out the exact (on site) location – the "the dream spot."

FOURTH: We secure all the required building permits.

FIFTH: You sit back and watch the cabin shell go up – strong and sturdy, neatly and quickly.

After the land and camp package is purchased, sited in and built, you can now finish it off slowly on your own, as time and budget permits, or hire our crew or someone we recommend to come in and finish off under your direct supervision. Many of our customers are content to erect a structure to get them “in out of the weather” and then they can camp-out there and putter away at the finishing touches at their own pace.

So basically we sell our land and camp packages "built to order." When we advertise land and camp combinations, in almost all cases, these specials are not pre-built but rather are customized as described above. We've built over 400 cabins this way and everyone that buys "built to suit" cabins is happy they did. For our friends on Facebook, this is also why you rarely see interior photos of our cabins.

So the next time you see one of our land and cabin deals advertised and you get all excited to call and learn more......remember the best part of all is that YOU get to pick the spot and YOU order the build. And although we are always on-hand to make recommendations to help you along, the view and direction the cabin faces is up to YOU, not us and not the builder.

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