Almost August in Upstate New York
July 19, 2013

August is only two weeks away, and with it comes the first cool mornings that hint of fall. Thoughts turn from fishing, swimming and boating to "getting camp ready for fall." For families that hunt, this is when the annual ritual begins. August is the time we go to camp to put up firewood, cut out trails, sweep, clean and organize. Evenings at camp in August are when we reorganize and redecorate. A fresh coat of paint, a couple of new pictures on the wall and some new gear brought in. It's funny how almost every member in camp has something new they bring in stating simply, "I found this and thought it would be perfect at camp."

After "getting camp ready" we return home to our jobs and daily routines, but something's different....every cool morning, the changing skies and the evening shadows bring our memories of camp and the anticipation of a new year to come.

I hope everyone who reads this shares time at camp this fall with family and friends. I hope you too feel the effects of a heavy August dew in the morning or the late day shadows and crickets in the field....all the sounds and sites that remind us of a beautiful evening on the porch at camp.

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