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Apples Anyone?
February 22, 2012

This week our company is hosting a meeting with Apple - to show us all how to be more efficient - and creative - with our Apple iPhones!
Apple is by far the leader in advanced personal technology. Thanks to iPhone and iPad innovations, not only can we call from our phones but they are mini-personal computers allowing us to check email, websites, Google for answers, stream music, download thousands of useful apps that not only entertain but are extremely useful in the workplace and everyday life.
We will also be able to sync all our data from computer to iPhone and other Apple devices thanks to their new data saving iCloud. No more manually connecting devices for data to be shared when they all belong to you. It’s new, swift, and convenient. Less electronic stuff to slow you down. What good is all that when cords tangle up your life and distract you from what’s really important?
Most of us would rather be in the great outdoors anyway, but just so our customers know we are ahead and with the times, we want to be on top of the game with the most advanced technology to streamline our customer service and sales process.

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Upstate NY Land For Sale - For over 20 years, Christmas & Associates has been helping everyday folks live their dream of owning land in New York State. Whether you are looking for a spot to vacation, hunt, fish, snowmobile, or retire, our land representatives are "on call" 7 days a week to assist you in finding your ideal recreational property. We want to be your land sales specialist.
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Christmas And Associates

23 Main Street
Camden NY 13316



(800) 229-7843
(315) 245-5761


(315) 245-5538